New Ajax signing given naughty schoolboy treatment for Feyenoord-loving past

We've seen past social media faux pas come back to haunt players and even scupper transfers in the past, but Ajax have found a novel way to deal with the matter.

The Dutch side have secured the services of Kjell Scherpen, a young goalkeeper signed from FC Emmen.

However, during negotiations it emerged that Scherpen had posted a few anti-Ajax tweets as a younger man. Rather than do anything drastic like aborting the deal, Ajax instead decided to punish the 19-year-old by making him write out sentences like a naughty schoolboy.

As part of their unveiling video, the Amsterdam club claimed that they had forced Scherpen to write "Ajax are the most beautiful club in the Netherlands" 1,000 times as penance for his youthful sins.

Apparently, the teenage stopper used to be a boyhood fan of Feyenoord, who just so happen to be one of Ajax's fiercest domestic rivals.

It's probably best he keeps that quiet for the foreseeable future.