La Liga aims for fair split of TV revenues

LFP President: TV rights to be addressed (2:23)

Javier Tebas, the President of the LFP says he is looking at ways to distribute money from TV rights more evenly across the clubs. (2:23)

MADRID -- The president of the Spanish league said the government has forwarded some details of a law that would give the league control over the collective sale of television rights.

Javier Tebas said that the new law would allow a "more equitable distribution" of TV revenues and is being drafted on "an English model."

Tebas said that currently Real Madrid and Barcelona make more than six times the TV revenues as the lowest earner and that the new law will aim to reduce that ratio by half.

Tebas originally announced the government's plan to collectively sell TV rights in June 2013.

Currently, clubs sell their own TV rights. The new law is expected to make its way through the legislature next year.