Liverpool's Klopp: Salah handing penalty to Firmino among nicest things I've ever seen

LIVERPOOL, England -- Jurgen Klopp has said Mohamed Salah letting Roberto Firmino take a penalty kick to secure a hat trick in Liverpool's 5-1 victory over Arsenal was one of the nicest gestures he has seen in his life.

Salah had already scored from the spot at Anfield on Saturday and, therefore, passed up on the chance to score a second in the 65th minute, handing the ball to his forward partner.

Firmino converted the spot kick to secure possession of the matchball after scoring two first-half goals within the space of 90 seconds as he became the highest-scoring Brazilian in Premier League history.

Klopp told a news conference: "2018 ends with a Christmas present from Mo Salah. I love it, the gesture. He gives the ball to Bobby and he can score a hat trick. That's just a nice thing.

"In the moment, I was not too happy because in training Bobby doesn't finish with penalties too often, to be honest. Obviously today it was his day and absolutely OK."

Klopp added: "Look, it worked so it was one of the nicest things I ever saw in my life. Really I don't know a lot of players who would do that.

"When I saw him then celebrating with Bobby that was then like 'wow.' Just outstanding. So far, the gesture of the season -- really, really nice."

With Tottenham losing to Wolves on Saturday and Manchester City not in action until the following day, Liverpool moved nine points clear at the top of the Premier League with the thrashing of Unai Emery's side.

Klopp, however, continues to dismiss the significance of Liverpool's standing at this stage of the season.

"In our case, by the way, tomorrow it will be seven and when we play against Man City it could be four. It's possible," he said.

"I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I'm really not an idiot -- not always, at least. That's really nothing. It's absolutely not important how much points you are ahead in December, even in the end of December.

"What you [the media] all create and I get that, how can you not be positive about us? But you are the first if we drop three points and the next headline is: 'Are they nervous now?' That's an easy job. I would love to be in your situation, still earn the money I earn, but be in your situation. We cannot play that game and we don't do it.

"Before the game, we heard, because it was on all the screens, about the result of Tottenham. Did you think the party started already? I didn't see a smile in any faces in the dressing room. Just see it [the result] and then go on.

"Now it's not about creating headlines, creating stories. It's still about preparing [for] football matches, play them as good as you can and try to get as many points as you can. That's it."

Liverpool are next in action on Thursday when they travel to the Etihad Stadium, where they can extend their lead over the reigning champions even further.

"An example, in the moment it feels like a marathon is what we are running," Klopp said. "Before the marathon, the weather is brilliant, new trainers, new shirt, new everything. The people say: 'You will win today.' But first I have to run.

"The people all around us are buzzing and one guy has to run. We have to run. That's what we try as good as possible."