Kylian Mbappe wasted time in France's win over Belgium - Thomas Meunier

Thomas Meunier criticised the behaviour of Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappe, saying he wasted time late in France's defeat of Belgium in the World Cup semifinals.

Meunier, 26, was suspended as Belgium lost 1-0 in St. Petersburg on Tuesday after a goal from Samuel Umtiti, and instead of playing in Sunday's final, Belgium will now play England in the third-place game on Saturday.

"In Paris, I have rarely seen Kylian waste time the way he did towards the end against us," Meunier said at a news conference on Thursday. "I am sure he was instructed to do that. He is super talented and a future superstar. I hope that he is not being badly influenced.

"If players like Zinedine Zidane or Ronaldo became legends with Real Madrid back in the day, it is because they played with pride and desire on the pitch. Zidane and Ronaldo's aims were not to be cinematic or to do things like that. They have always been rightly respected because of their footballing ability and attitude.

"Over the years, as he matures, Kylian will probably understand that attitude is an important part of becoming a legend."

Meunier grew unpopular at Parc des Princes last season, first by liking an image of a Marseille tifo on social media and then falling out with the French champions' fanbase.