Gonzalo Higuain won't sign new deal with Napoli - agent

Gonzalo Higuain will not accept a new deal at Napoli, his agent said on Tuesday.

The Argentina striker has another two seasons left on his contract with the Italian club, but that deal also features a daunting €94 million release clause.

And Nicolas Higuain, the player's agent and brother, said Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis won't negotiate a transfer for any smaller amount.

The Higuains warned that if the release clause remains, Higuain will not remain with Napoli when his current deal expires.

"This is the situation," Nicolas Higuain told radio show Closs Continental. "The president is asking for the clause to be paid to let go of Gonzalo, and we have the right to refuse to renew.

"We arrived at Napoli with the promise of a successful project, playing in the Champions League and winning the Scudetto, with improved facilities and a desire to grow. It wasn't right of the club to ignore those commitments.

"Aurelio De Laurentiis has every right to demand the clause in his contract be paid, but my brother and I have decided not to accept a renewal.

"We'll see what happens next year with Napoli, given that his contract expires in 2018 when he turns 30.

"For now we'll continue to abide by the contract, after that I don't know what will happen, whether a club will be able to buy him or not.

"We have a contract with Napoli and, as a great professional, Gonzalo will continue to respect it. He'll train correctly and give his all.

"But it absolutely won't be renewed if things stay this way."

Later on Tuesday, Nicolas Higuain told Radio Crc that Napoli has no intentions of fighting to win Serie A after finishing nine points behind Juventus last season.

"There was talk of a project worthy of the Champions League, a convincing plan to fight for the Scudetto," the agent said.

"This year we finished the first half of the season in first place, but the club made zero effort because we didn't see them make major signings to fight for the Scudetto.

"The president has the right to ask for his release clause, and we have the right not to agree with the project and not renew the contract, that's only right.

"Maybe the club is looking to bring in young prospects, but we believe they should make the effort to bring in players who can compete with Juventus, who have won the Scudetto for five years in a row.

"It seems to me that the direction the club is taking, while respectable, is not the right one to battle with Juve. You can't do that and you can't make the Champions League with youngsters.

"If an offer comes in? It all depends on De Laurentiis, he'd have to accept it. We're convinced not to renew the contract, then we'll see if the president accepts an offer lower than the clause.

"Gonzalo, in sporting terms, has very different ideas to the club at the moment. They still want to buy young players with potential, but we want to win!"

The agent also denied talks had begun over a move to Paris Saint-Germain, saying the French champions would first have to contact Napoli.