Indian Women's League 2022 - News, Teams, Schedule, Scores, Results, Points table

Gokulam Kerala players celebrate with the trophy after winning the 2020 IWL final. AIFF

Points Table


May 21

Indian Arrows vs PIFA Sports FC, 3.30 PM, Capital Ground

Kickstart FC vs ARA FC, 3.30 PM, 7th Battalion Ground

SSB Women FC vs Odisha Police, 8.30 AM, Capital Ground (earlier 7.30 PM, Kalinga Stadium)

May 22

Hans Women FC vs Sethu FC, 3.30 PM, Capital Ground

Sirvodem SC vs Mata Rukmani FC, 3.30 PM, 7th Battalion Ground

Gokulam Kerala FC vs Odisha Sports, 8.30 AM, Capital Ground (earlier 7.30 PM, Kalinga Stadium)

May 25

ARA FC vs Sirvodem SC: 4 PM, Capital Ground

PIFA vs SSB: 3:30 PM, 7th Battalion Ground

Odisha Police vs Hans, 8.30 AM, 7th Battalion Ground (earlier 7.30 PM, Kalinga Stadium)

May 26

Mata Rukmani FC vs Sports Odisha, 8.30 AM, 7th Battalion Ground

Arrows vs Kickstart, 3.30 PM, 7th Battalion Ground

Sethu FC vs Gokulam Kerala, 7.30 PM, Kalinga Stadium


April 15

PIFA Sports FC 1-3 Kickstart FC

SSB Women FC 6-2 Hans Women FC

Indian Arrows 4-0 Sirvodem

April 16

Odisha Police 0 - 12 Gokulam Kerala FC

Sethu FC 6 - 1 Mata Rukmani FC

ARA FC 1 - 3 Odisha Sports

April 19

Hans Women FC 0 - 6 PIFA Sports FC

Odisha Sports 0 - 0 Indian Arrows

Gokulam Kerala FC 2 - 0 SSB Women FC

April 20

Sirvodem SC 0 - 7 Kickstart FC

Mata Rukmani FC 0 - 1 Odisha Police

Sethu FC 3 - 0 ARA FC

April 23

Hans Women FC 0 - 9 Gokulam Kerala FC

PIFA Sports FC 0 - 0 Sirvodem SC

Kickstart FC 1 - 0 Odisha Sports

April 24

SSB Women FC 7 - 1 Mata Rukmani FC

Odisha Police 1 - 3 ARA FC

Indian Arrows 0 - 3 Sethu FC

April 27

Odisha Police 0 - 4 Indian Arrows

Odisha Sports 9 - 1 Sirvodem SC

Mata Rukmani FC 3 - 2 Hans Women FC

April 28

Sethu FC 2 - 1 Kickstart FC

ARA FC 2- 3 SSB Women FC

Gokulam Kerala FC 6 - 1 PIFA Sports FC

May 1

Gokulam Kerala FC 8-0 Mata Rukmani FC

SSB Women FC 0-2 Indian Arrows

PIFA Sports FC 0-3 Odisha Sports

May 2

Hans Women FC 0-3 ARA FC

Kickstart FC 2-0 Odisha Police

Sirvodem SC 0-5 Sethu FC

May 5

Sethu FC 4 - 0 Odisha Sports

Mata Rukmani FC 1 - 3 PIFA Sports FC

ARA FC 0 - 8 Gokulam Kerala FC

May 6

Odisha Police 2 - 1 Sirvodem SC

Indian Arrows 2 - 0 Hans Women FC

SSB Women FC 0 - 1 Kickstart FC

May 8

Mata Rukmani FC 0 - 4 ARA FC

PIFA Sports FC 1 - 4 Sethu FC

Odisha Sports 4 - 1 Odisha Police

May 9

Gokulam Kerala FC 2 - 1 Indian Arrows

Sirvodem SC 2 - 1 SSB Women FC

Hans Women FC 0 - 4 Kickstart FC

May 13

ARA FC 1 - 1 PIFA Sports FC

Odisha Police 0 - 3 Sethu FC

Indian Arrows 8 - 0 Mata Rukmani FC

May 14

Kickstart FC 0 - 5 Gokulam Kerala FC

SSB Women FC 1 - 1 Odisha Sports

Hans Women FC 0 - 4 Sirvodem SC

May 17

ARA FC 1 - 3 Indian Arrows

Gokulam Kerala FC 4 - 0 Sirvodem SC

Sethu FC 6 - 0 SSB Women FC

May 18

Sports Odisha 6 - 0 Hans Women Football Club

Mata Rukmani FC 0 - 10 Kickstart FC

Odisha Sports 1 - 3 Hans Women FC

The Indian Women's League (IWL), the country's top women's professional club competition, is back after a gap of two years. Twelve teams will be involved in this year's tournament, which will include last edition's champions, Gokulam Kerala FC, as well as a new All India Football Federation (AIFF) developmental side - Indian Arrows.

Dates and venues

The IWL will begin on April 15th and end on May 26th. Bhubaneswar will host all 66 matches at three venues - Capital Ground, 7th Battalion Ground and the Kalinga Stadium.

Broadcast details

Eurosport will telecast 30 of the 66 matches on TV. All matches at the Capital Ground and Kalinga Stadium will also be streamed on the Indian Football YouTube page.


Four teams - ARA FC, The Young Welfare Club, Guwahati City Football Club and Golazo Football Club were involved in the qualifying round from April 1-5 in New Delhi. ARA FC from Gujarat made the cut to the main round by finishing on top of the table with nine points from three matches.

The other teams are:

Gokulam Kerala FC from Kerala. The defending champions from Kozhikode will start as favourites for the tournament. They are also champions of the Kerala Women's League (KWL) 2021-22.

Hans Women Football Club from Delhi. This is their second appearance in the IWL, also having won three consecutive Delhi League titles.

Indian Arrows are the development team of the AIFF, consisting of youngsters and promising players.

Kickstart FC from Bengaluru, Karnataka. They are featuring in the IWL for the second time in a row. Kickstart FC are three-time champions of Karnataka Women's League, the latest being the winners of 2021-22 season.

Mata Rukmani Football Club from Dimrapal in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. This will be their first foray in the IWL. They've won their state-level league competition twice.

Odisha Police and Sports Odisha are the two clubs from Odisha. Odisha Police won the most recent edition of Odisha Women's League while Sports Odisha ended as runners-up. Both teams made it to IWL 2022 by making it to the final of Odisha Women's League.

PIFA Sports Colaba FC from Mumbai. This will be their debut season in the IWL. They made it to the main round of the tournament after becoming the champions of their state level club competition.

Sethu FC from Madurai, Tamil Nadu: Former champions of the IWL - the 2018-19 season, where they beat Manipur Police in the final. They are also the two-time champions of Tamil Nadu Women's League - in 2019-20 and 2021-22.

Sirvodem Sports Club from Goa. This will be their first ever season in the IWL. They won the 2021 Goa Women's League without losing a single match.

SSB Women Football Club from Siliguri, West Bengal. This is their second appearance in the IWL. They won the Calcutta Women's Football League three years in a row.


This season's IWL matches will be played in a round-robin format. Teams will play each other once and the table-topper will be declared as the champions. The winners of this season will also qualify for the AFC Women's Club Championships.