Philippe Coutinho move from Liverpool up to Barcelona chiefs - Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique says it's up to Barcelona to decide if they want to make a move for Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho.

Brazil international Coutinho has been linked with Barca on and off for the last year, with Blaugrana legends Ronaldinho and Rivaldo both recently suggesting he would be a good fit at Camp Nou.

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp has made it clear he doesn't want to lose the 24-year-old, who is good friends with international teammate Neymar, but the rumours persist.

Asked if he would like to see Coutinho join him at Barca, Pique said it's not his decision to make, although he added that the world's best footballers are always welcome at the club.

"That's Robert Fernandez's area, as sporting director, but obviously if the best players come [to Barca] we receive them with our arms open," the Catalan defender said during a question and answer session on Facebook Live on Thursday.

"But it's other people who are in charge of the needs of the team, not me."

Pique also called for the widespread use of video technology in football, using other sports as a positive example.

England's Premier League already calls on goal line technology to determine if the ball has crossed the line or not, while touchline video assistant referees (VAR) were used for the first time during December's Club World Cup in Japan.

"It's something that football will implement, especially for key moments -- it's just a question of time," Pique said.

"Technology is vital and fundamental in any sport, look at the NBA, American football... You have to follow these trends, although it's another thing [to decide] if it only applies for important moments, in the final minutes... We will have to see.

"Sooner of later, though, it will appear in football. You have to modernise, as they're doing in other sports."