Salman Khan, Ronaldo, Pardeep Narwal - Maninder Singh talks all things PKL and more

Maninder Singh has led Bengal Warriors to the playoffs in his first season as captain. Pro Kabaddi League

Fierce, fast and fiery, Maninder Singh, in his first season as captain, has made Bengal Warriors reach their peak with a relatively young team. In addition to being their lead raider and top scorer, Maninder has also been one of the top five scorers this season -- with 205 raid points, including 10 Super 10s in the 20 league-stage matches he played.

But how is he off the mat? ESPN gives you a sneak peek.

On his favourite actor

Salman Khan, he's my all-time favourite.

On his favourite kabaddi player

Ran Singh - because he's an all-rounder, he can be a raider, he can be a defender, he can literally play any role in a team effortlessly.

On his favourite kabaddi move

Dash. Even though it's mostly used as a defence move, I love to dash past the defenders during my raids.

On his funniest moment on the mat

When I was once trying to explain a move to Nabibakhsh [Iranian all-rounder Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh] in English but he couldn't make sense of it so I had to show him everything in sign language.

On his favourite actress

Whoever's opposite Salman Khan... oh wait, Katrina Kaif.

One sportsperson he looks up to

Ronaldo best hai ji (Cristiano Ronaldo is the best). I really like watching him play.

The movie he likes the most

As long as the movie has Salman Khan, I'm good.

One exercise he likes doing the most


On his favourite cheat food

Aloo ke paranthe, dahi ke saath (Aloo parathas with curd).

On the naughtiest player in the PKL

Pardeep Narwal. No one matches up to him when it comes to shaitaani (naughtiness).

On his best friend in the PKL

Ran Singh. We had a lot of fun when we played together for Bengal.

On his favourite hobby

Dancing - but not any kind of dance. It has to be bhangra. That's my thing.

On the best hairstyle in the PKL

Mera apna, ji (My own). I'm very particular about my hairstyle.

One defender he's always cautious of

Surjeet Singh. He's a very solid cover.

On the tattoo that is the closest to his heart

I have quite a few tattoos but the one that's most special is at the back of my neck. It has an S, which is the initial of my wife, Simran.