Tiger Shroff, Rohit Sharma, gulab jamuns - MVP Naveen Kumar talks all things PKL and more

PKL: Beyond the mat (1:33)

The stars of the Pro Kabaddi League on their cheat meals, favourite players and more. (1:33)

A stunning 22 Super 10s and 303 points later, Dabang Delhi KC's Naveen Kumar -- appearing in only his second season of the Pro Kabaddi League - walked away with the Most Valuable Player of the tournament award. While a lot has been said about his numbers and his incredible consistency, his personality beyond the mat remains - perhaps intentionally - away from the spotlight.

Here's a peek inside the mind of the 19-year old:

If you have to cast an actor to play you in your biopic, who would it be?

Tiger Shroff. He played kabaddi pretty well in his previous movie [Student Of The Year 2], so I think he can do justice to the role.

What would you call this movie?

Naveen Express.

Your favourite food?

Lauki ki sabzi (bottle gourd).

Your favourite kabaddi player?

Ajay Thakur.

Your favourite kabaddi move?

Running hand touch.

Your funniest moment on the mat?

Ravinder bhaisahab [Pahal] is very funny. He keeps tweaking the names of other players of the opposing team while referring to them, and all of us are forced to maintain a straight face even if we feel like laughing out loud.

Your favourite sportsperson outside of kabaddi?

Rohit Sharma. He seems to be very calm and composed, because of which I really respect him.

Your favourite film?

Baaghi 2.

Your favourite exercise?

Push-ups. I like the kind of exercises that involve a lot of uchhal koodh (jumping around).

Your favourite dialogue?

In Heropanti, there's this dialogue where the hero is asked, "Bahut heropanti dikha raha hai (Aren't you showing too much heroism)?" and he says, "Sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi (Not everyone possesses it, and mine never goes away)".

Your favourite cheat food?

Rasgulla and gulab jamun.

The naughtiest player in the PKL?

Ravinder bhaisahab.

Is there a player you generally don't want to sit with on a flight?

There's this player in my team, Sumit. He talks a lot and doesn't let me sleep!

Your favourite hobby?

Dancing and singing.

Your favourite song?

One two ka four, four two ka one, my name is Lakhan. I dance to it all the time.

Your ideal tattoo?

I don't have one yet, but if I do, I'd like to have a tattoo with my mom's name on it.

Player with the best hairstyle?

Rohit Kumar. He is very stylish and has a solid personality.

One person you would dedicate your MVP award to?

My late grandfather. He used to take me to watch kabaddi matches as a child. When I had won a best raider award back in a school-level game, I had given it to him -- he had had tears in his eyes and had been so proud of me.