Scoring Summary


1stAlvarez singled to left field, Dubón scored, Peña to second.10
1stTucker singled to left, Peña scored, Alvarez to second.20
1stJulks homered to left (386 feet), Alvarez scored, Tucker scored and J. Abreu scored.60
2ndKirk homered to left center (399 feet).61
4thAlvarez homered to center (452 feet).71
4thTucker homered to left (362 feet).81
5thMeyers homered to right center (384 feet), Diaz scored.101
5thBichette reached on infield single to first, Kiermaier scored.102
7thGuerrero Jr. doubled to left, Kiermaier scored, Springer to third.103
8thBregman singled to left, McCormick scored on throwing error by second baseman Merrifield.113
8thVarsho homered to right (375 feet).114
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