Scoring Summary

2ndCastro tripled to center, Taylor scored and Julien scored.02
2ndLee singled to left, Castro scored.03
2ndWhite homered to left (361 feet), Lee scored.05
2ndFarmer hit sacrifice fly to right, Gallo scored.06
4thPinto grounded out to shortstop, Ramírez scored.16
4thRobertson singled to left, Paredes scored, Robertson out stretching at first.26
5thQsar singled to center, Misner scored on fielding error by center fielder Holland, Qsar to second.36
5thBasabe singled to right, Qsar scored.46
7thKeirsey singled to left, Rucker scored, Keirsey to second.47
7thBañuelos doubled to left, Keirsey scored.48