Scoring Summary

1stFranco homered to left center, Margot scored.20
1stUrías singled to center, Mullins scored, Santander to second.21
3rdDíaz homered to left.31
3rdArozarena homered to left, Franco scored.51
4thMargot walked, Mejía scored, Díaz to second, Bruján to third.61
4thFranco doubled to left, Bruján scored and Díaz scored, Margot to third.81
4thArozarena hit sacrifice fly to center, Margot scored.91
6thMayo hit sacrifice fly to center, Neustrom scored.92
8thJones singled to left, Pinto scored, Aranda to second.102
8thAlvarez hit sacrifice fly to center, Aranda scored.112
8thRaley reached on infield single to first, Jones scored and Qsar scored, Hulsizer to third.132
8thBruján doubled to right, Hulsizer scored, Raley to third.142