Scoring Summary


1stJ. Abreu doubled to right, Meyers scored, Tucker to third.01
1stDiaz singled to right, Tucker scored and J. Abreu scored.03
2ndRobertson reached on infield single to shortstop, Mercado scored on error, Robertson safe at second on fielding error by shortstop Peña, Robertson safe at third on throwing error by left fielder Meyer13
2ndJ. Abreu hit by pitch, Peña scored, Bregman to second, Meyers to third.14
2ndDiaz homered to left center, Meyers scored, Bregman scored and J. Abreu scored.18
5thLee grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Diaz scored on error, Lee safe at second on throwing error by shortstop Rivas.19
5thMachado singled to center, Lee scored.110
5thWagner walked, Machado scored, Madris to second, Julks to third.111
5thStubbs doubled to right, Julks scored and Madris scored, Wagner to third.113
7thJulks homered to left center, Machado scored.115
8thBannon singled to right, Dirden scored, Salazar to third.116
8thMachado singled to center, Salazar scored, Bannon to third.117
8thBannon scored on Cornwell wild pitch, Julks to second on wild pitch by Cornwell, Machado to third on wild pitch by Cornwell.118
8thWagner doubled to left, Machado scored and Julks scored, Madris to third.120
8thDaniels singled to right, Madris scored, Wagner to third.121
8thDirden singled to center, Wagner scored, Daniels to second.122
8thSalazar doubled to right, Daniels scored, Dirden to third.123
8thBannon hit sacrifice fly to center, Dirden scored.124