Rockhold on a quest for revenge

Whether you think Luke Rockhold's obsession with Vitor Belfort is misplaced or not -- you have to sort of be intrigued by it.

Rockhold (11-2) wants a second crack at the old dinosaur/young lion/King of the Jungle Belfort. If you recall, he wasn't all too happy about fighting a TRT-using Belfort (24-10) in Brazil in his UFC debut, but agreed to fly down there anyway.

This isn't the first case of a quest for "revenge" that's ever taken place in the UFC, but it's worth pointing out that it feels genuine.

Maybe Rockhold just likes picking fights (he's also picking one with Michael Bisping). And for the record, Belfort could be the UFC middleweight champion by summer. So in essence, this could be Rockhold creating interest in a title shot.

To me, though, Rockhold looks like a guy who paid his $10 at a carnival game and later found out the ball never fit in the hoop he was supposed to throw it in. He lost to Belfort, but it wasn't on an equal playing field.

In a sport where it sometimes feels as though every story revolves around a shiny gold belt, Rockhold's desire to run it back with Belfort is a welcome change of pace.