2023 NBA trade deadline: Eastern Conference deal predictions

John Bazemore/AP Photo

With the 2023 NBA trade deadline less than a month away, there hasn't been much trade activity in the 2022-23 NBA regular season.

In fact, there have been just a two trades since the season tipped off on Oct. 18.

Still, after a summer that saw multiple All-Stars traded, we could be in for another wild trade deadline on Feb. 9. To help get you ready, we've broken down what to watch for all 15 teams in the Eastern Conference: What kind of moves they can make, what we're hearing, front-office trade histories and trade restrictions to note.

We've also identified one trade we would like to see from each team between now and the deadline.

Our guide to the Western Conference was published Wednesday.

Note: Teams have $6.4 million cash to send out and receive in trades unless otherwise noted.

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