2021 NBA Finals: Phoenix Suns continue to troll Milwaukee Bucks with a billboard

The Phoenix Suns have mastered the art of trolling throughout the 2021 NBA Finals.

However, the latest instance took place off of the court and behind enemy lines as a "Go Suns" billboard appeared in Milwaukee Bucks territory ahead of Game 6.

Despite the sign being nearly 2,000 miles away from the Suns' arena, a Phoenix law firm did their part to "Rally the Valley" by purchasing the digital billboard that overlooks the highway near downtown Milwaukee.

Their previous troll was also fairly popular on the interwebs. It took place during the first quarter of Game 5 as Giannis Antetokounmpo headed to the charity stripe. The traditional counting commenced, but there was one fan that stood out among the others.

After dropping their third game straight, Game 6 is a must-win for the Suns as they trail the Bucks, 3-2.