Disney World and sports have a long history together, prior to coronavirus

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Walt Disney World in Florida is about to become the hub of sports in the United States.

Major League Soccer has already restarted its season there. The NBA is about to do the same.

But Disney World has had a connection to sports for a long time, thanks to the "I'm going to Disney World" commercials that have been a post-Super Bowl staple for many years.

Did you know that the first "I'm going to Disney World" commercial aired way back in 1987? After the New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI, Giants quarterback Phil Simms, the game's MVP, uttered the phrase now synonymous with securing football's biggest prize.

Many of the sport's greatest stars have gotten the Disney treatment after winning the big game over the years, most recently Patrick Mahomes.

But it's not just an NFL thing. Stars from other sports have celebrated at Disney World as well, including the Chicago Cubs in 2016, after they broke their curse and won the World Series for the first time since 1908.

Dwyane Wade was feted there in 2006 after leading the Miami Heat to their first NBA title.

There's more to Disney World's connection with sports than parades. The Atlanta Braves called Disney World their spring training home for more than 20 years.

The Invictus Games, which feature wounded warriors from the armed services, were held at Disney World in 2016.

And in 2020, an NBA champion will be crowned at Disney World -- some magic we certainly could not have foreseen 12 months ago.