Like Patrick Mahomes, these active athletes also became owners

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is already an icon in Kansas City, but he's taken that status to a level not often seen in sports by becoming a member of the Kansas City Royals' new ownership group. The move makes sense on several levels -- Mahomes played college baseball and was a legitimate pro prospect, his father, Pat Mahomes, spent 11 seasons in MLB, and Mahomes' recent $503 million contract extension means he's not hurting for cash.

Mahomes' move got us thinking about other active athletes who've chosen to become owners or part-owners of other teams. It's not a common occurrence, but as you'll soon see, it's not unheard of.

LeBron James -- Liverpool

Back in 2011, LeBron James and manager Maverick Carter became minority owners of Premier League club Liverpool after Fenway Sports Group, which purchased the team in 2010, became the sole marketer of James' global rights. It's been a pretty good deal for James -- his original stake in the club, valued at about $6.5 million, had grown to about $32 million as of 2018. Oh, and Liverpool just won the Premier League title.

Kevin Durant -- Philadelphia Union

One of the more recent additions to this list, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant purchased a 5% stake in MLS' Philadelphia Union just last month, and has an option to purchase an additional 5% at a later date. Durant had also held talks about purchasing part of D.C. United last year, but said talks never progressed.

James Harden -- Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash

Another star keeping things in his home team's backyard, James Harden purchased a 5% stake in the group that controls MLS' Houston Dynamo and NWSL's Houston Dash last year. Boxer Oscar de la Hoya is also part of the group. Good news for Harden -- the Dash won their first NWSL title this month.

Venus and Serena Williams, Miami Dolphins, NWSL L.A. team

The Williams sisters are used to making history, and they did so once again in 2009, when they became the first Black female minority owners in the NFL by purchasing a part of the Miami Dolphins. Musicians Jimmy Buffett, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Fergie and Marc Anthony also bought shares in the team. Then, last week, Serena Williams became part of an ownership group bringing a NWSL team to Los Angeles in 2022.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Sounders

What do Russell Wilson and Macklemore have in common? They're both part of the Seattle Sounders' ownership group. Along with his wife, musician Ciara, Wilson purchased a stake in the team in 2019 -- just in time for them to win an MLS Cup title.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Hammaraby

Seemingly everything Zlatan does makes people react intensely, and that remained true when he purchased part of Swedish team Hammaraby back in 2019. Fans of Malmo, another Swedish team where Zlatan started his professional career, reacted by vandalizing a statue of Zlatan outside the team's home stadium, placing a toilet seat around one of its arms.