Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is visibly jacked in offseason picture

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is jacked.

The fifth-year signal caller is heading into the last year of his rookie contract, and it appears that he spent the offseason bulking up. Jackson said he usually plays at between 205 and 208 pounds. He now weighs 220 pounds.

"I just wanted to do it. See how I look, see how I feel," Jackson said. "And I feel good."

Despite the 12-15 pound gain of muscle mass, he does not appear to have lost his signature speed.

Jackson, who was the 32nd overall pick of 2018's draft, set the bar high early in his career as the unanimous NFL MVP in 2019. The Louisville product looks to bounce back from a trying 2021 campaign.

After winning five of their first six games last season, the Ravens' offense dealt with an influx of injuries on both sides of the ball that led to a third-place finish in the AFC North. On top of that, Jackson missed the last four games of the season with a bone bruise, but he already has his eye on getting back to his unanimous MVP season form.

"I feel better than I did in 2019, I'll tell you that," Jackson said. "I'm very eager."

Seattle Seahawks star DK Metcalf, known for his own brawn, impressive sprinting ability, and an interesting diet, took notice of his peer's improved physique.