Sport, interrupted: How the coronavirus lockdown is affecting the Indian sport ecosystem

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the sporting economy to a shuddering halt. In India, the lockdown and its longer-term implications threaten the future of clubs, academies, leagues, support staff, all the people who help move the wheels of sport. In this series, ESPN looks across the country's sporting ecosystem, from the big clubs to the neighbourhood academies, to see how they've been affected.

Lights and camera ready but no sign of action

The broadcast professionals who work in TV production are mostly freelancers; for them, no live sport means no income. - Jonathan Selvaraj

A racket-repair shop survives on a string and a prayer

The pandemic has eaten into almost all of the peak season for the Awaghades -- the official racket stringers for ATP and WTA events in Pune. - Susan Ninan

Can 'social' football co-exist with social distancing?

With zero income over past two months, a Bengaluru soccer ground faces lingering questions about the future. - Debayan Sen

The multi-league security expert with an insecure future

A South African security expert is forced to dig into his savings, staring at a possible seven more months away from sport. - Susan Ninan

A Bengaluru football club faces uncertainty

The lockdown stopped FC Bengaluru United's season just as they were making the push for promotion to I-League. - Sharda Ugra

Hockey academy counts cost of opportunities missed

Hit hard by the lockdown, the Jude Felix Hockey Academy in Bengaluru fears it will run out of funds soon. - Debayan Sen

An Olympian's swimming academy struggles to stay afloat

The coronavirus outbreak has forced Nisha Millet to shut her swimming academy and watch her income dry up. - Susan Ninan