Fantasy Rugby 2018: How to play our new & improved Six Nations game

So you're all signed up, raring to go but not sure how to give yourself the best possible chance to win ESPN Fantasy Rugby 2018? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

You have to pick the best 15 players in the Six Nations, from close to 200 Test stars from England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. It's your job to find the ones who will lead your fantasy team to glory.

Just like in rugby, you need to have a balance of players in different positions. Players score points in multiple ways, from both an attacking and a defensive perspective.

Your team must include three front-row forwards [props, hookers], two second-row forwards, three back-row forwards, one scrum-half, one fly-half, two centres and three outside backs. Don't forget to specify a designated goal-kicker -- that's the guy who does the weird pose in front of the ball in silence -- he'll get you points for successful penalties and conversions.

You can filter the player list by country and position, or if you know exactly who you're after you can use the search function. It's important to remember that you can only have a maximum of four players from each nation -- you can't just have every player from England!

If you're ever unhappy with a selection, simply use the + / - buttons next to each player name to add or remove players from your team.

When you're picking a team, you need to think about how these players are going to get you fantasy points. For example, if one of your forwards scores a try, that will give your team eight points -- the highest individual amount for an action. You also want to be wary of players that are known for ill-discipline as you'll be docked points for yellow or red cards.

If you're not too sure about who to pick, have a look at previous Six Nations tournaments on ESPN to see who performed well and who you don't want in your team.

This year we've tweaked the scoring slightly. You'll get two points for every player who starts a match -- irrespective of whether they are replaced before the end -- and a point every time one of your players makes a multiple of five tackles in a game [five tackles = one point, 10 = two, and so on].

As is the case in any sport, injuries happen and players don't execute as you would like. But don't fear that your team is not set in stone once the tournament begins -- you can tinker with your side as many teams as you like before the Six Nations starts on Feb. 3. We'll even send you an alert if any of your picks don't make their country's final squad.

Once Wales and Scotland kick-off, you will only be allowed three free transfers between each round. And if you're not following the latest team news we'll send an alert if one of your players isn't featuring at the weekend to give you every opportunity to make a change.

Feel better now? Thought so. If you haven't signed up yet, do it now.