Tottenham's new stadium 'feels like home' - supporters' trust co-chair

Tottenham's "sensational" new stadium has retained the spirit of White Hart Lane and already feels like home, according to the co-chair of the supporters' trust.

While Spurs' ground will not be ready to host a match until late January at the earliest, the club held a familiarisation event for 6,000 supporters on Sunday, giving the fortunate few the first chance to visit the arena.

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust co-chair Katrina Law was among them and was hugely impressed.

"People share their bug-bears with us as a trust, which is absolutely fine, but I end up carrying a whole suitcase of bug-bears so I wasn't even that excited going there yesterday," she told ESPN FC. "It felt like a bit of a working day and 'I suppose it will be ok but it's an empty stadium.'

"But I was absolutely blown away. It was sensational, honestly, right from the minute you get there. The fact that it's on the same site as White Hart Lane is hugely significant for us obviously, but it does feel like you're properly going home.

"I think the people who were there will be more super-keen to get back because we've seen it now so we know how amazing it is.

"The most brilliant thing is that when you leave, you feel like you're leaving White Hart Lane. That's quite a feat because they've changed it completely.

"They've done things like putting bricks from the old stadium in one of the bars and they've got the centre-spot from White Hart Lane marked, so there's all of those nods. But it's obviously a vastly different stadium and yet it still feels like home, which is really quite incredible, to have done that."

The fans who attended Sunday's event discovered how much they will pay for food and drink in future, and the prices have been well-received.

"It's £4 for a pint of Amstel so we're already massively pleasantly surprised," said Law. "They've told us the pricing yesterday was the pricing for matchdays and it won't go up.

"There were no moans about that, no moans about views from the seats, no moans about the microbrewery or anything. It was all massively positive, which is almost unheard of.

"I've never been to a stadium like it, and I've been to a lot of football stadiums! It looks very positive from the catering point of view. It's got the longest bar in Europe, the Goal Line Bar -- and as a lady, having more than two toilets is fantastic. The facilities are very good. The Beavertown microbrewery bit is lovely.

"It doesn't feel like a football stadium normally feels -- the food court in the concourse is really impressive. I've never seen that anywhere else. The space is great. They've got a DJ box and everything.

"It's just very cleverly done. They've put an awful lot of thought into an awful lot of detail, and there's an awful lot of choice in terms of food and drink. The stadium bowl itself was unreal. You're not going to get a bad view anywhere."

The irritation now is that fans who have had their appetite whetted must now return to Wembley for at least another month.

"There's still an awful lot of annoyance about the refund metric and the way they're charging us matchday pricing from last season over at Wembley," Law added.

"There's still a lot of frustration about the way that's all been communicated and that's not all going to be brushed under the carpet, because in my opinion mistakes have been made there.

"But I think what everybody can say is that when we do get in there at the new stadium, everyone's going to love it and I'm sure very quickly people will say, 'Yes it's worth the wait.' But right now we can't belittle the issues that our fans are having at Wembley."