Who had the best sneakers of Week 20 in the NBA?

Earlier this week, the defending champion Warriors made their much-anticipated trek to Washington -- sans the customary White House visit -- to take on the Wizards. To highlight a cause and initiative he's worked closely with over the past few seasons, Stephen Curry donned a custom hand-painted edition of his fourth Under Armour signature sneaker, raising awareness for the My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

Styled in a fading black-to-white upper, with gold accents throughout to symbolize togetherness, the sneakers helped to shine a light on former President Barack Obama's ongoing cause to help provide resources and support to young men. "A special colorway, supporting a special initiative and a special mission," said Curry. He plans to auction the pair off, with proceeds benefiting the Alliance's efforts.

Prior to the team's East Coast road trip, Curry's Splash Brother Klay Thompson unveiled his own pair of special-edition sneakers, a lighthearted and playful tribute to his beloved bulldog Rocco. Featuring a light brown suede mirroring Rocco's coat and a caricature of Rocco's face on the tongue label, the shoes will go on sale this weekend in the Bay Area.

Wearing his second Adidas signature sneaker for just the fifth time after its mid-February launch, James Harden brought the shoe endless visibility thanks to what will be his signature play of the season. Originally dubbed "California Dreamin'," the shoe was unmistakable on television, with a vivid orange upper and green accents throughout, inspired by the L.A. native's sunny hometown tones. Once his lethal stepback dropped helpless defender Wes Johnson, leaving Harden 10 feet away for a wide open 3-pointer, the internet took over immediately. The colorway is now known simply as the "Stare Down."

Check out all of the best sneakers from around the league this week and vote on your favorite pair below.