Fan trying to engage Kateryna Bondarenko on court arrested

Fan escorted out after running on court for a photo (0:27)

A fan is escorted out after jumping onto the court to attempt to snap a photo with Kateryna Bondarenko after her second-round win at the US Open. (0:27)

NEW YORK -- A spectator at the US Open was handcuffed, arrested and charged after jumping onto Court 13 and attempting to engage Kateryna Bondarenko after her match ended on Wednesday, just before 8 p.m. ET.

The fan was believed to be seeking an autograph or a selfie with the Ukrainian athlete.

"We are very pleased our security and the NYPD acted as quickly as they did," Chris Widmaier, the USTA's managing director of corporate communications, told ESPN.com. "The match was not affected, the players were not harmed. But it's a disappointing fact we have a few individuals that decide to act like knuckleheads and make it more difficult for the rest of us."

Bondarenko had just beaten Saisai Zheng in a three-set, second-round match when the incident occurred. USTA security intervened, and a NYPD office made the arrest.

The fan was charged with interference of a sporting event. He was taken to the station house of the 110th precinct.

According to Widmaier, the fan was also given a 10-year trespassing order that will prevent him from returning to the site.

On Thursday, the man was identified as Sam Hu, who owns a tennis academy near Shanghai, China. He currently lives in Long Island, New York.

"Has security been intensified for the 2016 US Open?" Widmaier said. "Of course it has. Events around the world, particularly Stade de France, have us all rethinking things.

"Security is an issue of the highest priority here. We work closely with the FBI, the Joint Task Force for Terrorism, Homeland Security and other agencies to develop one of the most regarded security plans in the industry."

Widmaier wouldn't give specifics but said USTA security staff numbers in "the hundreds," both in uniform and plain clothes.

Court 13 lies along the south edge of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center and, like its surrounding courts, offers court-level seating and standing room. Earlier on Court 13, there were three security guards evident during an early afternoon match.

At last year's French Open, Roger Federer was accosted on the court by a young fan who actually managed to snap a selfie.

The incident left Federer shaken and changed the way security is deployed at Roland Garros Stadium and the sites of other major tennis events.