MS Dhoni's ninja-like moves thrill Chepauk

In a fraction of a second, the hands brush off the bails. The batsman usually thinks he has got back his foot in the crease. However, MS Dhoni gets it right nine times out of ten when it comes to his lightning stumping - the latest victims being the Delhi Capitals' Chris Morris and Shreyas Iyer. Both batsmen were beaten by sharp turn from Ravindra Jadeja and Dhoni's ultra-fast hands in a space of three balls at Chepauk on Wednesday evening.

Dhoni's modus operandi is pretty simple: he stands close behind the stumps, reads the turn and picks the ball and breaks the stumps - all in one motion. The smoothness and swiftness of Dhoni's actions make you gawk in admiration each time he pulls off the act.

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Here's what Dhoni and others had to say about his brilliance behind the stumps on Wednesday.

The man himself on how he does it

"Something that has come from tennis-ball cricket, which I played a lot," Dhoni told host broadcaster Star Sports. "But still you need to get the basics right first and then graduate to the next level. If you can reduce the time where you can flick the bails off it always helps."

Suresh Raina - Dhoni's former team-mate at India and current team-mate at Super Kings

"He has been amazing. Look at those two brilliant stumpings," Raina said at the post-match press conference. "They made the difference. He shows how compact he is when it comes to (wicketkeeping) skill. I still remember in 2004 Syed Kirmani (former India wicketkeeper) was really, really happy with his skills. His skills are more in the brain. When he is doing so fast, he knows which ball is turning more from the middle stump and which is turning more from the leg stump. And Jadeja was spinning so much. That is why his hands' speed is so amazing. Even for India he has done some amazing stumpings. That shows how much he is involved in the game. It tells spinners to keep relying on their flight. We missed one when [Ambati] Rayudu was keeping (against Mumbai Indians) and that shows the difference in calibre of wicketkeeping between MS and others."

Sam Billings - England batsman and keeper, and Dhoni's team-mate at Super Kings