The Buzz: Jemimah Rodrigues' happy coincidance

All the world's cricketers walked into a bar. The LOLs, the chatter, and the occasional mini-brawls, they were endless. And the news cycle was never the same again! Welcome to ESPNcricinfo's Social Buzz, your go-to destination for all the bantz, the jousts, and little bit of eavesdropping from the social media playground and beyond.

July 10

How has Jemimah Rodrigues been keeping busy in lockdown? Same way she did before it. What a coincidance.

July 9

Poop and barf make you a better bowler

Just means you're the sort of bowler no one can sniff at.

Simba the ace fielder

Great job, Simba! The canine cordon awaits you.

July 8

Baz McCullum gets a nose job

... to fix the job Brett Lee's bouncer did on his schnozzle back in the first match of the first-ever BBL in 2011. Is Lee footing the bill?

Virat Kohli is getting lockdown dosas from his neighbour

Who just happens to be Shreyas Iyer. Is mushroom biryani a fair trade for neer dosas though? Hmmm

Dada's turn on the birthday train

It's Sourav Ganguly's birthday and Yuvraj Singh's gone on a trip reminiscing about the pranks him and Harbhajan Singh pulled on their captain.

While Sachin Tendulkar is hoping their BFF partnership endures

July 7

Birthday wishes for MS Dhoni

Happy birthday, MS!

Hope thing song has wormed its way into your brain like it has ours.

Dhoni seems to be having a chill time as he turns 39.

Looking like a Blackcap

Imagine putting on a jersey and immediately looking like a cricketer? Straight up jealous here.

Wasim Akram and some other bowlers

Yeah, like, they were all right.

July 6

Merv Hughes loves being a famous person

Ah the joys of being instantly recognisable.

Shreyas Iyer and Hardik Pandya's push-ups with a difference

You can make your workouts fun.

Or you can make them hella competitive.

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