Kimi Raikkonen's son makes karting debut

Kimi Raikkonen's son, Robin, has driven his first laps in a go-kart, marking what could be the start of a career following in his father's wheel tracks.

Raikkonen posted images and video of his four-year-old son driving around a wet go-kart track on Instagram with the caption "ACEMAN BEGINS". He later added a picture of his daughter Rianna sat in a stationary go-kart with the caption "Rianna will join in a few years".

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Speaking at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in April, Raikkonen said Robin often rode a mini motorbike (with a modified throttle to stop him going too fast), but that he was already planning his son's go-kart debut for the summer.

"He enjoys cars but more bikes right now," Raikkonen said. "But who knows, today they like one thing and tomorrow it is completely 180 degrees on something else.

"Probably in the summer we will take him in a go-kart for the first time and if he likes it he can do it. But you never know with the kids: one day it is this and the next day it is that.

"I don't mind, if it only becomes a hobby then it is a great hobby for them and it is probably easier for me!"

He added that he would support both his children in whatever they want to do.

"But both of them we will support: If they want to be dancers, then for me I have absolutely zero issues as long as they enjoy it. I think anything that they do is better than hanging around in a train station, fighting or staying at home playing computer games."

The Alfa Romeo driver surprised fans by joining Instagram at the end of 2017 and often uses the social media platform to offer insights into his family life. Other posts in recent months have included a holiday photo in Italy with a classic Porsche Speedster and a video of Raikkonen climbing up the side of his house in Switzerland before jumping in a swimming pool.