'Hold my beer': Why Budweiser is honoring Trevor Bauer with Cincinnati Buds

When Cincinnati Reds ace Trevor Bauer struck out his 46th batter of the 2020 MLB season on Monday night, he celebrated by miming a beer-chugging motion and drawing the word "Buds" on the ground. What were the beer-themed antics all about?

It all started when Bauer responded to a tweet by the official team Twitter account showing that teammate Sonny Gray had set a new team mark for strikeouts in the first five starts of the season with three simple words: Hold my beer.

Budweiser took note, offering to produce a "Cincinnati Buds" version of their can if Bauer struck out 14 batters over his next two starts to eclipse Gray's record of 45.

Monday night in Milwaukee's Miller Park, of all places, Bauer delivered on his end of the challenge with an eight-strikeout performance that put his NL-leading strikeout total to 49 and made sure anyone watching knew that the Budweiser social media fun wasn't far from his mind as he did it.

So will Budweiser make good on its part of the bargain? A pair of tweets from the King of Beer's official account after Bauer set the mark seem to say it all: