UFC Bracket - Vote for the Final Four

Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald fought to a bloody battle at UFC 189. Rod Mar for ESPN

Everybody knows March is bracket season. And even though all those beautiful diagrams are traditionally reserved for college hoops this time of year, we're asking fight fans to join in on the fun.

The UFC has witnessed thousands of remarkable fights since 1993, but which one stands out above the rest? ESPN is relying on you, the fans, to determine the answer.

Earlier this month, we unveiled 16 selections for the title of Greatest Fight in UFC History. Last week you voted for the Elite Eight and today we present you with the Final Four.

Vote for your favorites, and tune in on April 5 to find out the ultimate winner.

No. 1 seed: The closest Jon Jones has ever come to a legitimate loss. Maybe they'll do it again someday.

Winner: Jones by unanimous decision

No. 3 seed: The back-and-forth warfare of this bout has developed something of a cult following. Guts were displayed. Lots of guts.

Winner: Henderson by unanimous decision

No. 7 seed: These two gave new meaning to the phrase "leave it all in the cage." They probably each took a piece of the other that night. Courageous fight.

Winner: Lawler by TKO

No. 13 seed: The backstory to this rivalry was incredible. McGregor's obsession over the first loss. Diaz's disgruntlement with how the UFC portrayed it. Culminating in a five-rounder for the ages.

Winner: McGregor by majority decision